Administrator Information

Our management philosophy

From April 1, 2017, “Greeval CO., LTD.” Began managing and operating parks and children’s playground in 24 locations in Takanawa Minato-ku, designated administrators. We are working on business activities with the philosophy of “pursue the value of green”.

Based on that philosophy, even in the park and children’s playground in Takanawa district, we hope to pursue “creating busy parks” through greenery and to play a part in the area.

Management and management policy of parks and children’s playground

  1. Green making to connect the area
    I will protect and grow the green of the park and the children’s playground so that it becomes green connecting the area.
  2. Green making to connect people
    Green of Parks and children’s playground will protect and grow so that it will become connecting regions.
  3. Making a park connecting history to the future
    We will disseminate various information from the park such as historic scenic spots and ruins of Takanawa district, and connect precious heritage to the future.

Handling of Personal Information

We will comply according to the Minato-ku Privacy Information Protection Ordinance (Minato-ku Regular Ordinance No. 2, March 1992), regarding information that can identify a specific individual such as address, name, telephone number, and e-mail address.

  1. When collecting personal information, we will clarify the purpose and collect only within the necessary minimum range.
  2. We will promptly discard or delete personal information that no longer is needed.
  3. Disclosure of personal information. We will take necessary steps precautions to prevent theft or loss of personal information
  4. We will not provide personal information we possess to third parties without consent, unless requested under the provisions of law.

What is Personal Information

Information to be handled that can identify a specific individual such as address, name, telephone number, mail address.

Use of personal information

  1. Personal information submitted will be used within the scope of the purpose stated on that page.
  2. The information submitted may be used for aggregation and analysis to the extent that certain individuals cannot be identified. In addition, regarding secondary data that cannot identify individuals from which obtained, may be posted without your consent.

Posting of personal information

  1. With consent of the individual
  2. In cases where it pertains to a person in a public office or a person who is in a publicly appointed or appointed position and it is deemed that there is no possibility of damaging the rights or interests of individuals
  3. When he / she has spoken at a public meeting, where there is a need to publish and it is deemed that there is no risk of damaging the rights and interests of individuals


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